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Founded in 2009, the original Westdoc Conference was an annual, three day get together in Hollywood, hailed as the “go-to” conference for the Documentary and Reality communities.  It offered unparalleled access to senior network executives, program buyers and top production companies and had an exciting all day "PitchFest." Filmmakers came from around the world.


Westdoc Online takes some of the best elements of the original conference and brings them to you free, with an international on-line internet broadcast.  All past videos will be available on demand. No travel, no TSA, no hotel. On a bi-weekly schedule starting in January 2018 we plan to have a series of conversations with the most compelling producers, directors,  executive and network programmers, commissioning editors, festival directors, and techies from around the world. Our guests will be on their own webcams at their desks in their office or home. We will air live on this website.  If you miss the live broadcast, you can find all the programs and the video catalog here and on those sites. 

Chuck Braverman is the co-founder of the original Westdoc Conference (with international documentary distributor Richard Propper) and the CEO and executive producer of the new Westdoc Online. He is also a long time documentary filmmaker with an Oscar nomination and a DGA win for different films. He has run his own successful production company, been a senior studio executive at Sony, a teacher at USC Cinema and Cal State University Northridge,  the Chair of the Film Department at Brooks Institute, the director of many scripted television episodes, several Movies of the Week, an indie feature film, and a long list of nonfiction films and series.

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